The worldly daughter of a noble family. Fled the abundance of a predictable life, enchanted by the guidance of a mischievous entity that visits her dreams and shares visions of unseen lands and impossible power.


Key equipment

  • Light crossbow
  • Quarterstaff
  • Leather armor


  • History
  • Insight
  • Investigation
  • Persuasion

Race: Human

Background: Caebreshian Noble


At 1st-level:

  • Begins with The Archfey as their Otherworldly Patron (subclass), which grants a decent feature in 'Fey Presence'
  • The Warlock is a unique spellcaster, who's spell slots are restored on a Short rest rather than a Long rest. They are also able to cast all of their spells at the highest available level. This generally shakes out as a disadvantage when compared to ordinary spellcasting classes, but on a busy adventuring day involving several rests, the Warlock can theoretically deploy more high level spells than their Wizard counterpart
  • Eldritch blast is commonly held as the most powerful cantrip, unique to the Warlock class
  • As a charisma-based caster, the Warlock can serve as the party's "face"

Later on:

  • 'Eldritch Invocations' at 2nd level and 'Pact Boons' at 3rd level serve to broaden the Warlock's toolkit, notably by strengthening the already-powerful Eldritch blast cantrip
  • The Warlock is a potent blaster at all levels
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