A self-taught wielder of the arcane, born with capabilities that are considered deviant by many. Their vertically slitted pupils and the faintly scaled skin that covers their hands and climbs up their neck draw looks of fear and confusion. The sorcerer copes with this unfavorable disposition by disguising it when necessary, or by coupling it with their undeniable magnetism to influence others when they see fit.


Key equipment

  • Light crossbow
  • Daggers


  • Arcana
  • Deception
  • Perception
  • Persuasion

Race: Human?

Background: Outcast


At 1st-level:

  • Begins with the Draconic Bloodline subclass, granting solid defensive stats for a spellcaster
  • Compared to their Wizard counterpart, the Sorcerer suffers from a much more limited spell repertoire. Burning Hands and Sleep are serviceable 1st level options, but you will mostly rely on Fire Bolt and Shocking Grasp as your bread and butter
  • As a charisma-based caster, the Sorcerer can serve as the party's "face"

Later on:

  • Sorcery points and Metamagic, unlocked at 2nd and 3rd level respectively, serve to offset the class's frustratingly limited spell options by increasing your spell's potency in various ways
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