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Continue your campaign by braving the Hummingweald forest, and discovering its mysteries...


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Tides of Murkport - Act 1
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Tides of Murkport

Chapter 1

Trudge into Murkport, take on some work with the Watch and begin to make your mark.
(1st -> 2nd level)

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Tides of Murkport

Chapter 2

Venture out and explore the infamous Hummingweald forest.
(2nd -> 3rd level)

Tides of Murkport

Chapter 3

Meet representatives of the city's factions and take to the streets for a sensitive investigation.
(3rd -> 4th level)

(Locked - Est. Fall 2023)
Tides of Murkport

Chapter 4

Coming up!

(Locked - Est. Winter 2023)

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