Multiplayer Support

A big part of TTRPGs is the camaraderie, the shared triumph and shared despair, and the mild self-sabotage. We've planned for this to be a one-to-four player co-op experience from day zero, and although we eventually set that aside in favor of launching sooner, a meaningful share of the work is already done, and we're intent on bringing it to you soon.

So how will that work, exactly?

Meeting at the tavern.
You will create a game, or "lobby". The lobby will generate a code that you can then copy & paste to your friends (see popular 2021 game Amoung Us). They'll join the lobby and submit their characters, which you'll add to the Party. The building blocks of that are already obvious in the current lobby. Two to four players will be able to control two to four characters; implying that all variations are possible. Two players each piloting two characters, or one character per player, etc.

Democracy wins (unless Authoritarianism wins).
Party members will vote on a passage's dialogue options/decisions by clicking on them. When needed, the party leader holds the veto.

Everyone on the same page.
Passages are synchronized, implying that everyone's on the same passage, and passages only flip over once everyone's clicked an option. Be kind to your slow-reading buddies; at least they agreed to play this stupid thing.

Communication matters.
Hopefully your group has Discord. The voicechat app, that is, not the disagreements and disharmony. Maybe instead you'll choose to plan a LAN party, that'd be incredibly cool.

The story goes on.
The rest is adventuring-as-usual. Progress persists across Chapters. Sessions can be suspended, saved and resumed later.

Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted on our progress along the way.

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