Dev Roadmap

This roadmap is mostly intended for near-term, minor items. Major features, such as Multiplayer, have their own Grimoire entries that you can check out for details.

Story Features

  • Store functionality for selling items (post CH2 launch)
  • Support for Guidance, Inspiration and other manual adjustments to narrative rolls (post CH2 launch)
  • Functionality to automatically add/remove items and currency from your character sheet in-game (by CH3)
  • Dynamic city map with descriptions on hover (luxury feature, perhaps between CH2 and 3)

Combat Features

  • Support for Wild Shape + Support for summons (by CH3)
  • Visual tokens to help track Concentration and Inspiration (post CH2 launch)
  • Measuring and shape creation tools (think Roll20) to help measure the area of effect of a spell and apply properties (difficult, impassible) to tiles (by CH3)
  • Translate character sheet attack actions onto the character's combat menu to facilitate resolving attacks (hopefully by CH3)

Platform Features

  • Proper multi-classing support on character sheet (by CH3)
  • Rehaul of the character sheet Spells section to better support Spells Known vs Spells Prepared (by CH3)
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