Character Backgrounds

Arcane Institute Graduate

Your tutelage at the illustrious Arcane Institute may have been sponsored through an astronomical monetary donation. Otherwise, you had to have been scouted by the weave seekers; the Institute's appointed outriders who travel Caebresh in search of prospective arcane practitioners. In either case, you were taught in the ways of sorcery, astronomy and alchemy, as well as trained in engineering, medicine and arcane smithing. At worst, you may have emerged a skilled scribe, historian or adviser. At best, a full-fledged wizard, eager to put your knowledge towards great gain or aspirations.

Skill Proficiencies Arcana and one of History or Nature or Investigation or Medicine.
Tool Proficiencies Alchemist's supplies or Calligrapher's supplies or Smith's Tools or Herbalism kit.
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment An institute cape (traveler’s clothes in quality) and a pouch containing 15 gp.
Feature: Scholarly Pursuits

Years of study at the Institute have developed you into a rigorous thinker. There are few conundrums you cannot resolve when given enough time to do research, to reflect or to conduct a proper iterative process.

Before or immediately after a Long Rest, during downtime, you may receive Advantage towards an Intelligence skill or ability check.

Caebreshian Noble

Perhaps you are part of one of the noble human families of the Bosom's Duchies, or are the offspring of an influential figure. In any case, you were born into privilege and possess a fundamental understanding of Caebresh's politics. Though you benefit from a more comfortable and affluent lifestyle than common folk, you and your family exist in the shadow of Regnovus' influence. You may accept this reality as ineluctable, or seek to alter it.

A Caebreshian noble may choose a life of peril and adventure out of spite for the pampered lifestyle that they detest, to pursue new alliances or partnerships, or to accomplish great deeds that either expand upon, or outshine their family's legacy, among other valid justifications.

Skill Proficiencies Persuasion, one more skill of your choice among the following: History, Deception, Insight.
Tool Proficiencies One type of gaming set.
Languages One of your choice among the sovereign race's languages: Dwarvish, Elvish, Undercommon.
Equipment A purse containing 15 gp.
Feature: Highborn

Your belonging to a noble Caebreshian family entitles you to a measure of deference from city officials. Your attempts to obtain an audience with other nobles or to exert influence over them are facilitated. However, you may just as easily find yourself the target of ill-intentioned parties.

Clan Descendant

You trace your lineage back to clans, typically Orcish, who lived in the lands known today as Desolation. Since the Treaty, your kind have integrated Caebreshian society and attained an enviable reputation through their heroics at the Bulwark. Your lineage is still felt in the form of stories, rituals and unique battle techniques. You may have chosen a life of adventure to honor your ancestors through achievement, conquest, or by sharing your heritage with others. Alternatively, your origins may not be at the forefront of your motives at all.

Skill Proficiencies One of Athletics or Acrobatics and one of Animal Handling or Perception or Nature.
Tool Proficiencies One type of artisan’s tools.
Languages One non-sovereign language of your choice.
Equipment A set of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp.
Feature: Ancestral Guidance

Traces of the old clans can be found in ruins strewn across Caebresh. Should you find one of these locations, you may be able to commune with your ancestors for guidance, though it may be presented in a perplexing form. In settlements and towns, you may encounter other clan descendants, who will provide shelter and support to one of their own, in adherence to the clan's hospitality principles.


A wandering performer and story-teller, colorful both in speech and appearance, your visit is viewed auspiciously in most communities. You distinguish yourself from the common minstrel through peerless knowledge of the land, its legends and its lore. Though most might mistake you for a simple entertainer, the true purpose of your journey may be to record the world's knowledge, to collect vivid experiences or to meet powerful and fascinating people with whom you can throw your lot.

Skill Proficiencies Performance, and one of Acrobatics or Arcana or History or Investigation.
Tool Proficiencies Disguise kit, one type of musical instrument.
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment A musical instrument (one of your choice), a costume, and a pouch containing 15 gp.
Feature: Hearsay

Your enthusiasm and magnetic temperament often open doors for you and your allies. Minimal effort is needed on your part for folk to eagerly share rumors, gossip and stories with you. You excel at making fast friends, often on the back of a memorable performance.


You've made yours a life of strife, blood and battle, bred in the camaraderie of battlefield encampments and in the yards where you honed your weapon skills. You may have been a soldier, a mercenary, the member of a militia, or a city guard. In any case, your talent entitles you to more, and you may pursue adventuring for any reason such as proving your skill against greater foes, earning wealth or station, or even attempting to wash yourself of the horrors of war.

Skill Proficiencies One of Athletics or Acrobatics, and one of Persuasion or History or Stealth or Intimidation.
Tool Proficiencies One type of gaming set, vehicles (land).
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment Remnants of your previous uniform (traveler’s clothes in quality) and a pouch containing 10 gp.
Feature: Veteran

You have the bearing and mannerisms of a trained warrior. This may allow you to interact with town guards, soldiers or mercenaries more favorably, or to facilitate securing associated work. You are also adept at interpreting army movements and formations, as well as patrol routes.


Whether you've learned sacred healing rites from a deity you've devoted yourself to worshipping, or studied the practice of medicine and the properties of natural remedies, you are a benefactor to the wounded, the injured and the sick. Perhaps you travel the world, or run a local practice. In either case, you are welcomed with open arms in any community, and in any adventuring party.

Skill Proficiencies Medicine and one of Religion or Insight or Nature.
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment A healer's kit, a set of common clothes, and a pouch containing 5 gp.
Feature: Field Medicine

Seldom are the most critical medical interventions conducted in ideal circumstances. Experience has made you a flexible and resourceful physician, capable of stabilizing a patient reliably, under pressure or with limited supplies.

You are able to improvise a single charge of a healer's kit, at the GM's discretion, so long as you have access to scraps or rudimentary materials and succeed an appropriate Medicine skill check.


Every society, no matter its culture, has its outcasts. Whether you voluntarily live at the edges of society or were forced to, your circumstances have molded your behavior and granted you unique perspectives. You might be skeptical or outright distrusting of institutions, authorities and governments, or on the contrary, you might aspire to elevate your status and integrate them. An outcast may choose a life of adventure to escape oppression, to improve their conditions, or simply because they believe they are worth more.

Skill Proficiencies One of Deception or Persuasion, and one of Insight or Perception.
Tool Proficiencies One type of musical instrument.
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment A pouch containing 8 gp.
Feature: Lone Wolf

In a world that shuns you, you've grown to be self-reliant. Once per Long Rest, when performing a skill check for which you are not proficient and in a context where no allies are present in your vicinity, you may perform the check with Advantage.


Whether independently or as part of a criminal organization, you engage in illicit activity as your primary means of profit. You have mastered the art of navigating the laws and rules of society with calculated risk-taking. You may be a highwayman, a burglar, an assassin or a simple thief. In either case, adventuring might represent an appealing alternative to line your pockets in between jobs or while on the run. Alternatively, you may be looking to leave this lifestyle behind and put your unique skills into the service of more respectable pursuits.

Skill Proficiencies One of Deception or Intimidation, and one of Stealth or Sleight of Hand.
Tool Proficiencies One type of gaming set, thieves’ tools.
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment A set of common clothes including a hooded cloak, and a pouch containing 10 gp.
Feature: Underworld Guide

You've navigated the underbellies of many towns and societies and are well acquainted with their dynamics. You have a keen eye when it comes to differentiating helpful folk and dangerous ones within those communities, and are able to secure favors or obtain information more reliably.

Regnovus Scion

You are a member of one of the three sovereign species who govern over Regnovus, Caebresh's capital city. This is sufficient in and of itself to place you among society's elite. Outside of the capital's territory, this is a double-edged sword. While some may treat you like royalty and seek to be in your good graces, others may display cautious deference or outright hostility. In any case, having grown up in the capital, you benefit from a well-rounded education, particularly centered around diplomacy, etiquette, history and the study of arcane arts. In contrast, you are liable to know little of Caebresh's more rural societies, and you may find yourself disoriented among them. That may have led you to leave the capital and become an adventurer, seeking to expand your horizons beyond Regnovus' unique and isolated ecosystem. Alternatively, you may have been entrusted a mission or purpose by the state that requires travel beyond Mt. Regnov and the Sovereign Tree.

Skill Proficiencies One of Insight or Persuasion or Deception or Intimidation and one of Arcana or History or Investigation or Nature or Religion or Medicine.
Languages All three sovereign race's languages (Elvish, Dwarvish, Undercommon).
Equipment A set of fine clothes, and a pouch containing 20 gp.
Feature: Sovereignty

Regnovus may be the seat of the sovereign state's power and their primary place of residence, but their influence extends over all of Caebresh like an invisible hand. You are able to find members of the state in nearly any city of meaningful size, and seek out their assistance in a pinch. At the GM's discretion, your origin may also grant you Advantage on Charisma checks that involve leveraging your status to achieve something.


You are most at home on the road or in the wild, with or without the company of others but most often without. With your boundless knowledge of animals, plant life, the weather and remote territories, you often appear alien to the city-dwelling kind. You may view yourself as a hunter, an explorer, a protector of nature, or an unfettered marauder. Any of these pursuits or specializations may have led you to choose, or tumble into a life of adventuring.

Skill Proficiencies One of Athletics or Acrobatics or Stealth, and one of Survival or Nature.
Tool Proficiencies One type of musical instrument.
Languages One of your choice.
Equipment A set of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp.
Feature: Survivalist

You've weathered raging storms, outlasted the night in the most inhospitable terrains, fought off ravenous beasts and catalogued countless plant species. In the wild, you can leverage this expertise to forage for food, find or build shelter, orient yourself or identify fauna and flora.